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MODERN FAUCETS comes in all shapes and sizes. The type of faucet might affect what needs to be done to the countertop.

* We no longer stock up on faucets, however our talented salesmen are happy to help you with any questions you may have about them. 

For example, some faucet require multiple holes to be drilled into the countertop, while some might request just one. It is always a good idea to first determine the exact model of faucet you are going to be using rather than deciding after fabrication or even on the day of installation.



Most modern kitchen faucets these days require only one hole to be drilled. Many has a detachable sprayer that can be pulled out, and even with multiple modes of water pressure.



Bathroom vanity faucets has a large variety of setups, some requiring one or up to three holes. Most vanity faucet comes with a lever attached to the drain that opens and closes it.